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Residential Ventilation Systems

Accent Ventilation has extensive skills and experience with ventilation systems for multi level residential developments. We can provide ventilation solutions for car parks, wet areas, stairwells, lobby and attriums. Contact us to discuss your next project.

Completed Projects:

Basement Car Park Exhaust

This development consisted of 301 residential units over 3 towers, 9 levels with 2 levels of basement car parking.

Ventilation requirements for the building were:

  • Basement car parking ventilation;
  • Residential wet area ventilation;
  • Service room ventilation; and
  • Carbon Monoxide control system.

Atrium Exhaust

This development consisted of two towers with mixed commecial and residential space.

Ventilation for this project comprised:

  • Car park ventilation;
  • Service room ventilation; and
  • Fire and smoke control ventilation, ie stair pressurisation and attrium exhaust.

Stair Pressurisation and Lobby Relief.

This mixed residential & commercial development consisted of 168 residential units, one level of commercial or retail space and one level of underground car parking. Since the development was over 25m in height, this building required stair pressurisation and lobby relief air systems to form part of the smoke management requirements of the BCA. 

Ventilation for this project consisted of;

  • Fire and smoke control system; which involved of five stair pressurisation systems and one lift lobby relief system;
  • Car Park ventilation;
  • Kitchen provisional duct work (to make the retail spaces food complaint, for better retail value);
  • Service room ventilation;
  • Residential wet area ventilation;
  • Residential supply air ventilation;
  • Garbage room and garbage chute ventilation; and
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring.
Stairwell Pressurisation


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